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SPC Slotting Machine

SPC Slotting Machine Advantage and application:

SPC slotting machine, is our new series equipment. The equipment is more stronger and more stable, easy to use, and system configuration have been improved . Z series models can be machined thin SPC(3MM). Transverse and longitudinal DET can cut using negative Angle or horizontal axis. Reserved space for scraper system.

SPC Slotting Machine-anzhu

Parameter of the main machine:

1.Working width: 125-400mm(The maximum processing width of a single machine can be up to 600mm)

2.Working thickness: 3.2-12 mm

3.Height of working table: 1100 mm

4.Rotate speed of cutter shaft: 3000-7000 rpm

5.Feeding speed: 40-80 m/min

6.Motor power of cutter shaft: (Inverter control)
The 1st station power (each left and right): 8kw,Precutter,+45°,up milling,Φ250
The 2nd station power (each left and right): 8kw,Precutter,-45°,up milling,Φ250
The 3rd station power (each left and right): 5.5kw,finish-cutter,+90°,up milling,Φ250
The 4th station power (each left and right): 8kw,profile-cutter,+90°,up milling,Φ250
The 5th station power (each left and right): 5.5kw,click-cutter,+(-)45°(22.5),up milling,Φ250
The 6th station power (each left and right): space (can install scraper system)
Cutter shaft can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement.
Feeding motor power: 7.5 kw(Inverter control)
Blower motor power:2.2kw X2
Width adjusting motor: 1.1kw

8.Cutter diameter:Φ220-250XΦ40
About cutter we suggest use hydraulic system , the other motor need to notes specially.

9.Dust hood diameter
Station 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th:Φ120mmX12
Machine cover diameter:120mmX2

10.Weight: 9000 Kg.

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