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SPC Plastic Flooring Machine

SPC Plastic Flooring Machine Instruction:

SPC machine is also known as SPC plastic flooring machine because SPC machine is used to make indoor SPC flooring. The SPC machine is used to make 980mm and 1380mm widths of stone plastic composite panels. The width of the panels is based on the width of your flooring and we design the width to reduce wasted material. The SPC machine uses a four or five roll calender to make SPC flooring. SPC machine has three layers; a PVC base layer, a PVC film layer and a wear layer. SPC machine is laminated and embossed by rollers. The SPC flooring machine can change the thickness of the flooring with the push of a button; SPC machine is easy to control and operate.

SPC flooring extruder can produce economical flooring by adding 300% caco3 to the formula. We can help our customers to replace their flooring every year and help them to recycle used SPC flooring. SPC machine can produce flooring with 4-8 mm thickness. SPC machine can be used to replace wood, laminate, bamboo and ceramic flooring. SPC machine has all the advantages of these floors: fire resistant, water resistant, easy to install click system, and less expensive.

SPC Plastic Flooring Machine-anzhu

SPC Flooring Machine Advantages:

1. Waterproof and moisture-proof
Since the main component of SPC is stone force, SPC machine has good waterproof performance and will not become moldy under high humidity.
2. Fire retardant performance
According to the relevant departments, 95% of the victims are burned to death by toxic fumes in the fire. spc flooring has a fire rating of NFPA CLASS B, with flame retardant, not spontaneous combustion, leaving the flame automatically extinguished within 5 seconds, and does not produce toxic and harmful gases.
3. No formaldehyde
SPC is high-quality stone and PVC resin, does not contain benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances.
4. No heavy metal, no lead salt
The stabilizer of SPC is zinc calcium, no heavy metal lead salt.
5. Size stability
Exposure to high temperature at 80° for 6 hours – shrinkage ≤ 0.1%; curl rate ≤ 0.2mm.
6. High abrasion resistance
SPC flooring has transparent wear-resistant layer and the speed is higher than 10000 rpm.
7. Super fine anti-slip
SPC flooring has a special anti-slip wear-resistant layer of flooring. Compared with ordinary flooring, SPC flooring has higher friction when wet.
8. Low requirement for subfloor
Compared with traditional LVT, SPC flooring has obvious advantages because SPC machine is a rigid core material that can cover up many defects of the subfloor.


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