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SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line Introduction:

SPC flooring production line is a kind of flooring production line which is used to produce SPC flooring. SPC flooring is a kind of flooring which is made of stone plastic composite material. It is a kind of new type of flooring which is very popular in the market. The SPC flooring production line is composed of several machines, such as extruder, calender, cooling line, embossing machine, laminating machine, cutting machine, etc. The whole production line is used to produce SPC flooring with high quality and efficiency.

Floor Multiple Blade Saw Split Line:

Processing Size
—Width: 1000-1300mm
—Length: 1000-1800mm
—Thickness: 2-10mm

Equipment Features
—Chain guide transmission form, platform type and upward sawing processing, to ensure the straightness and smoothness of the product.
—Chain drive, upward sawing processing.
—The support device is made of aerospace aluminum, which is light in material and small in shape.
—Polymer resin countertop, wear resistant, small deformation.
—Pressing and auxiliary compression on the platform, good compression can guarantee the straightness of the product.

SPC Flooring Production Line-anzhu

Floor Double End Tenoner Line
Processing Size( SPC/LVT/WPC Floor )
—Width: 110-610mm
—Length: 450-2450mm
—Thickness: 3-10mm

Equipment Features: high precision, high speed, high stability
—Three-mountain type chain and ceramic guide rail: The snap-in structure ensures high-speed operation of the equipment and powerful precision.
—The pressure-type upper pressing device of the joint type: the pressure is even and stable, and the error caused by the difference of the plate is overcome.
—Well-designed integrated base and heavy body: high speed, long-lasting and stable guarantee.
—The original vacuum feeding system makes the feeding more precise(for SPC).

SPC Flooring Production Line-anzhu

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