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SPC Flooring Production Line
Auxiliary equipment

The SPC stone plastic flooring production line is an equipment that produces SPC stone plastic flooring using PVC and calcium powder as the main raw materials. The raw materials are plasticized and extruded into sheets, followed by four roll rolling and hot pressing of color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer. Various relief wood patterns and patterns are made, and the bottom soft cushion soundproofing layer is directly hot pressed. Then, it is produced through UV wear-resistant treatment, slitting and slotting processes.

Mixing equipment

High speed heating mixer is one of the essential equipments in plastic processing. Used in the SPC/PVC flooring production line

UV coating line

UV coating line

UV coating production line is a brand-new product for LVT,WPC and SPC flooring,It is energy-saving,efficient and stable.

Slotting Equipment

Floor trimming and chamfering line suitable for trimming and surface chamfering of PVC/WPC products, only processing the backing plate and surface chamfering, without changing the width of the surface of the board.

Floor Backside Film Laminating Machine

Floor Backside Film Laminating Machine

AZUMI Machinery provides SPC/PVC floor backside film laminating machine. Bond the underlayment materials on the backside of the SPC/PVC flooring to improve the ability of sound insulation. ...

Floor Double End Tenoner Line

PVC/WPC/SPC, solid wood, solid wood composite, reinforced, bamboo flooring all can be used..



AZUMI Machinery provides SPC/PVC/WPC flooring production line—Manipulator..

Floor Multiple Blade Saw Split Line

Processing Size
  • ---Width: 1000-1300mm

  • ---Length: 1000-1800mm

  • ---Thickness: 2-10mm

Equipment Features
  • ---Chain guide transmission form, platform type and upward sawing processing, to ensure the straightness and smoothness of the product.

  • ---Chain drive, upward sawing processing.

  • ---The support device is made of aerospace aluminum, which is light in material and small in shape.

  • ---Polymer resin countertop, wear resistant, small deformation.

  • ---Pressing and auxiliary compression on the platform, good compression can guarantee the straightness of the product.

Equipment details

Floor Double End Tenoner Line

Processing Size( SPC/LVT/WPC Floor )
  • ---Width: 110-610mm

  • ---Length: 450-2450mm

  • ---Thickness: 3-10mm

Equipment Features: high precision, high speed, high stability
  • ---Three-mountain type chain and ceramic guide rail: The snap-in structure ensures high-speed operation of the equipment and powerful precision.

  • ---The pressure-type upper pressing device of the joint type: the pressure is even and stable, and the error caused by the difference of the plate is overcome.

  • ---Well-designed integrated base and heavy body: high speed, long-lasting and stable guarantee.

  • ---The original vacuum feeding system makes the feeding more precise(for SPC)

Equipment details

SPC/PVC/WPC Floor Products Display

SPC stone plastic flooring have feature on zero formaldehyde, mildew proof, moisture proof, fire resistance, mothproof and easy installation and so on. With excellent stability and durability, SPC flooring have solved the problem of nature wood flooring deformation problems, but also solve the formaldehyde problem of other decorative materials, it has many colors and patterns to choose, which suitable for indoor flooring decoration in hotel and hospital shopping malls and other public places.

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