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SPC Floor Making Machine

AZUMI manufacturer provides high quality SPC floor making machine. SPC flooring is constructed by UV coating, Wear layer, SPC print layer,SPC core, Balanced layer. AZUMI manufacturer provides not only machine but also turnkey service. Provide formula and related technology to customers,help customers improve output and reduce production costs.

SPC Floor Making Machine-anzhu

1. SPC Floor has Zero benzene and formaldehyde, no glue and toxic substances, 100% recyclable;
2. Stable performance: no cracking, no expansion, no deformation, maintenance-free, easy to clean, saving later maintenance costs and repairs.
3. Waterproof and moisture-proof. Can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used;
4. Flame retardant: fire rating B1;
5. Insect-proof, termite-proof, anti-bacterial new floor;
6. Good sound absorption effect: up to 20dB
7. Applicable places such as: hospitals, libraries.


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