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SPC Floor Extruder

SPC Floor Extruder Introduction and Advantages:

1. SPC floor extruder configuration: reducer, twin-screw feeding, Siemens, Guangyou special screw, screw core cooling system.
2. Temperature module: PLC temperature control module, control temperature error: ±0.5°. Design patterns according to the shape of the mold, intuitive and easy to understand for the operator, one-button heating full stop, safe and reliable.
3. Host control: operate on a touch screen. Each speed can be set independently or synchronously.
4. Alarm system: host high current alarm, host high-speed running material shortage alarm, melt pressure alarm, material level control alarm, etc.

SPC Floor Extruder-anzhu
5. Anti-blocking mold follow-up system:
(1) In operation, the main engine is fast, and the tractor will follow the speed of the extruder. And the product will not be blocked due to the inconsistency between the speed of the extruder and the speed of the traction, or the product will be broken by traction. The extrusion speed is fast , the traction is slow, the product is stuck in the mold and extruder, and the product will be broken.
(2) Optical fiber follow-up system: When the extrusion width of the product exceeds the set value, the traction speed is automatically accelerated. When the product width is lower than the set value, the traction speed is automatically slowed down. Speed up and slow down values (magnitude) can be set.
(3) The automatic follow-up software is set in the PLC and the touch screen (computer). When the current of the main engine is large, the traction will automatically accelerate the speed without human manipulation, and the problem of speed can be automatically solved. Like the automatic cruise of a car, the labor force of the workers can be reduced, and the labor force can be reduced. unmanned.
6. Manipulator stacking: PLC program controls the stacking of stations A and B, and the number of plates at each station can be set independently. When a station is full of plates, the program will send out a sound and light signal to remind the operator to carry it.

China AZUMI Machinery is a manufacturer and specialized in providing you with SPC floor extruder with high strength wear resistant. SPC stone plastic flooring have feature on zero formaldehyde, mildew proof, moisture proof, fire resistance, mothproof and easy installation and so on. With excellent stability and durability, SPC flooring have solved the problem of nature wood flooring deformation problems, but also solve the formaldehyde problem of other decorative materials. It has many colors and patterns to choose, which suitable for indoor flooring decoration in hotel and hospital shopping malls and other public places.

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