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SPC Floor Equipment

SPC Floor Equipment Description:

SPC floor equipment is to polyvinyl chloride, calcium powder as the main raw material for the production of stone plastic floor equipment. Stone plastic floor is made of PVC powder, additives and other high-temperature calendering. Surface wear-resistant layer production, does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, for the environment-friendly floor.

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SPC Floor Equipment Preponderance:

1. Temperature module: delta PLC temperature control module, control temperature error is ± 0.5 °, according to the mold shape design pattern. Operators easy to understand, one-button heating all stop, safe and reliable.

2. Host control: Operate on a touch screen. Each speed can be set independently or synchronously.

3. ALARM system: host high current alarm, host high-speed operation alarm, melt pressure alarm, level control alarm, etc.

4. Anti-blocking Mold follow-up system:

(1) In operation, the main machine is fast, the drawing machine will be fast with the extruder, and the products will not be blocked by the speed of the extruder and the speed of the drawing, or the products will be pulled apart by the drawing; the extrusion speed is fast and the drawing is slow, product Card in the mold and extruder, products will break.

(2) When the product extrusion width exceeds the set value, traction actively accelerated; when the product width is below the set value, traction actively slowed down. Speed up and slow down values (magnitude) can be set.

(3) PLC and touch screen (computer) in the setting of automatic follow-up software, when the main current, traction automatically accelerated speed, without human control, automatically solve the speed problem, like the auto-cruise, workers can reduce the labor force, unmanned driving.

5. Manipulator stack: PLC Program Control A, B station stacking, each station plate number can be set independently. When a work station plate full, the program issued a sound and light signal, prompt the operator to move.


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