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Parquet Slab Slotting Line

Parquet Slab Slotting Line Description:

AZUMI parquet slab slotting line is applied for SPC flooring, LVT flooring, and laminate flooring production line. There are 6+6 stations (including scrape cutter) and 6+8 stations (including scrape cutter). AZUMI parquet slab slotting machine has the advantages of wide adaptability, simple and fast regulation, and high precision.

Parquet Slab Slotting Line-anzhu

Features of Parquet Slab Slotting Line:

–The main electrical components are imported brand-name products.
–Built-in cleaning brush wheel, which can automatically clean the dust inside the guide rail.
–Each spindle can be rotated, which is convenient for corner cutting, tenoning and grooving.
–The pressure belt is made of high-quality material, which maintains good wear resistance.
–Using high-precision conveying chain, the working range is large, the speed is fast, the output is high, and the precision is high.
–Processing stability is ensured by the compact sawing shaft mechanism, where the tool is close to the compression belt.
–Sealed safety cover is pneumatically controlled to reduce noise level and increase extraction and operation safety.

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