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Laminate Flooring Slotting Line

Laminate Flooring Slotting Line Introduction:

AZUMI is a manufacturer and specialized in providing you with laminate flooring slotting line with high strength wear resistant. AMUZI laminate flooring slotting machine is designed with high technology. This slotting machine is applied for laminate flooring, SPC flooring, LVT flooring and WPC Flooring production line.

The laminate flooring slotting equipment first uses manual positioning, then puts it into the longitudinal multi-blade saw, and cuts it into 5-8 pieces. After passing through the acceleration roller table, the lifting belt conveyor will make a 90-degree turn transmission, then turn into the longitudinal separation belt conveyor, then open the vertical and horizontal grooves.

Laminate Flooring Slotting Line-anzhu

Laminate flooring offers the beauty of solid hardwood floors in a cost effective system that is easy to install and maintain. In recent years, laminate flooring has come a long way. Laminate flooring offers some great benefits that make it a premium flooring material, and it can be installed in just about any space.



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