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AZUMI Machinery(Beijing) Co.,Ltd

In 2004, Azumi Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established to introduce the most advanced floor tenoning technology to China, leading the rapid development of AZUMI wood flooring line in the domestic market, and successfully entered Nature, Elegant Living, Anxin, and other well-known domestic wood flooring enterprises; In 2010, thanks to the development of the Chinese market, AZUMI established the factory in Beijing and started production, sales and technical service of PVC, SPC flooring and wallboard equipments in China. We have successfully entered vinyl flooring companies such as Novalis, JINKA, MeiJer, Golden mouse, Eletile, Changlong and so on;

who we are

AZUMI Machinery(Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd

In 2018, Azumi Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd was established and set up two after-sales service centers in Beijing and Liyang to serve customers in the south and north. Relying on the unique economic and export trade environment in the Yangtze River Delta region, Azumi (Jiangsu) has successively sold AZUMI equipment to South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other countries, starting the rapid development of AZUMI floor line in overseas market. AZUMI has been widely recognized by foreign customers for the virtue of high precision, high speed and high stability.


AZUMI brand equipment is widely recognized by industry for its high precision, high speed and high stability.

AZUMI corporation produce and sell tenoner processing equipment of floor and wallboard. The company strictly follows the Japanese standards from equipment design, parts procurement, assembly, commissioning, quality control, and on-site management.


The world-famous floor machinery in the industry, represents high-qualified floor processing technology and equipment in the world.

Procurement/assembly/commissioning/quality control/site management, etc. carried out in strict accordance with foreign standards to ensure that the quality of equipment at the same level as the imported line.

With its unique ceramic guide and T - type chain as the technical core, Azumi produce and sell floor and wall panel profiling equipment and multiple blade saw.